About Us

If you are curious to know our team, here you can find some key facts about us!

Project Lead
Programming Lead

Gioele Piobbico

Gioele, psychologist and programmer. He is the creator of the “Tales of therapy” project and deals with the programming and promotion of the game. For years he had wanted to throw himself into the creation of a video game and finally managed to put together a team capable of completing the feat!

Writing lead

Cristina Mortara

Cristina is an extraordinary psychologist expert in therapeutic writing and narrative techniques, her role is to make the narration consistent with what would happen in a real therapy session in which narrative techniques are used.


Manuel Magrini

Manuel is a talented musician who brings the sound of his piano to every corner of the world with his concerts (you can find him on the net). Manuel is also an enthusiastic videogamer, so he was more than happy to put his art at the service of this project, composing the incredible soundtrack of ToT!

Translation lead

Immacolata Lazzari

Imma is an expert translator who immediately fell in love with this video game. Thanks to her skills and her translation work, “Tales of therapy” will be able to reach a much wider audience!

art lead

Chiara Romagnoli

Chiara decided to add her art and drawings to this project. Thanks to its beautiful artworks the game has taken on a whole new personality!